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Giveaways - The whole week

by aschatria Wednesday, May 24,2023 Comments


This is a collection of posts made for Giveaway on Hive. It includes reward posts for the whole week.


You have been invited here as you interacted with my Threads/Posts at some point during the LAST WEEK, and I wanted to notify you about the change in a giveaway and the type of presents I will be sharing this week.  
The previous week was not exactly blissful, so I will rebrand the giveaway towards Splinterlands and base my interactions on Peakd. If you like DEC and those little cards you will be very happy.  
Rules for this are rather easy. Whoever comments on my posts, gets invited next time until self-exclusion. If you desire to be excluded don’t interact, I will not invite you next time. How to rejoin? Just comment. Easy.  
I will be rewarding with beneficiaries only the participants and the maximum allowed number of lucky 7+1 will share the author’s rewards. 
That one portion will be liquified with the reward app and used to buy tokens for future giveaways.  
Commentators on this post will be rewarded with upvotes, current giveaway items, and Ecency points.  
No spam, or muted, blocked, or blacklisted users. I will check. (I will most definitely fail.) 
Invite include:  
Plus invites with beneficiaries ( last comments) include:  
+reward.app for liquid next week 
Today I will be playing Splinterlands and organizing my DEC and all the other gaming stuff, so I still don’t have Splinterlands content. But, I have other things. None of them are nice.  
Just for the record, I am networking since 2010 and that’s why I know most of the stuff that is going on. STILL, I will take any recommendation for business and earning online, and share my insight with whoever is interested.  
I join every website and there is always more. They also frequently change rules and features.  
Due to my low earnings in a couple of last weeks, I was recommended to diversify with Publish0x and ReadCash by @yecier and @hiveborgminer.  
Ok, let’s dive into the moist bollocks of hell. 
Yeah, I know. But the situation below is not exactly a basket of roses.  
I joined these websites years ago, Publish0x in 2019, and ReadCash when it was created, my dealings with them are included in previous earning reports. 
Publish0x never showed any significant earning potential and they are constantly changing payment methods which means that more often than not we end up with a sum of useless tokens too small to swap or exchange.  
I am still a member and post there, but my enthusiasm is equal zero. On multiple occasions, I found accounts copying/pasting and plagiarizing without a website doing anything despite flagging. They say they deal with it the best they can, but it is from my point of view inadequate considering the amount of spam.  
But, Publish0x mod immediately landed on me like a metric ton of bricks, when I intentionally made a copy that was hard NOT to notice, telling me that “it is not nice” and he was in surprised how can I…  
I recommended him to do his job because a website is plastered with garbage, and that garbage earns so much more money so I myself started to look up to those as I want a piece of that fraud pie really, really bad.  
That’s not all.  
There was an instance when a user took my post from FloteApp and published it on Publish0x, but the problem was that I did the same thing at the same time, only a few seconds after him. So, when reporting I had to prove that a post is mine by presenting the one on FloteApp with a time stamp.  
The saddest thing was that my post from Flote was maybe three or four sentences long.  
Spammer’s content was removed or he removed it himself, but in response, the same user started downvoting me to lower my income from the page.  
Publish0x is centralized, they could easily be overruled that user because his motives were obvious. They did nothing.  
I don’t need to tell you how much this sucks balls, but that is nothing compared to ReadCash.  
The ReadCash situation has nothing to do with lacking income. Or just spam. It is downright a situation from hell. You won’t find this in a movie.  
I supported ReadCash right from the start but then it came out that they have been rewarding huge sums to copy/paste content and they supported farming rewards from the pledge for months before some of us started complaining.  
Spammers took a lion’s share of the pledge. And there was no way to explain it other than a website is doing it itself.  
We, all together, were completely ignored.  
Second, under a blanket statement of free speech, the admin refused to remove a user and his content that promoted (and justified) sex with minors and rape as a socially accepted right. Just to further explain the situation, the same user was verbally abusive and went out of his way in many occasions. He was also using various websites to outsource men ( in his own words) for MGTOW, and brainwash them into misanthropy and incel lifestyle.  
Being single, childless, pathetic, emotionally deprived dickless shithead who molests minors and women is a prime example of a specimen.  
Yes, your subscription to batshit crazy was just renewed.  
Admin told me via email that I have the right to be disturbed but if they remove the content in question people who support free speech are going to be angry. They ignored multiple reports for the said person over the course of time. I was not the only one who was complaining about him.  
Still, shortly after they suspended my own account under the false pretense of harassment without any problem or mention of any free speech. 
I didn’t know that by free speech they meant free speech for misanthropes, rapists, and pedophiles.  
They blocked my account permanently after a single report from a user who was falsely accusing their management of theft.  
The user was also posting spam and shitposts all over the website and I called him a fucking liar.  
My old account continued to earn referral income, and I believe they blocked that after.  
Almost 6 months after the event an admin - who in the meanwhile became a target for my criticism - presented a case of some huge online fraud with cryptos on his Twitter accounts, and tried to somehow justify and descend his own wrongdoings as basically harmless. The tweet was highly explicit and left no room for ambiguity. I can’t explain this public confession other than the admin possibly being high as a kite, or actually believing that it is ok to be a piece of shit.  
When the second website Noise.Cash was created, I joined it.  
The very moment the admin was aware of me joining in he changed the rules of engagement on the website, by adding a specific rule that anybody being rude will be automatically suspended.  
I believe I asked a few questions after that, neither of them respecting that rule. I think that admin muted me and ignored my existence completely after a brief period and a few comments on my objections. I was not suspended.  
I rejoined the ReadCash on the persuasion of another NoiseCash user, with an alt account that was known to admin. He didn’t block it. During almost a year and a half, or somewhat more, I never earned anything aside from a few cents on a single post which I believe was an accident.  
NoiseCash became NoiseApp. I transferred my account to Noise. App which turned out to be a complete joke.  
I sent an admin an email, because there was no way to contact that creature on a webpage, asking to discontinue both of my accounts, which he did almost immediately.  
That’s all for today. Thank you for reading.


You have been invited here as you interacted with my Threads/Posts yesterday.

Rules for this giveaway are rather easy. Whoever comments on my posts, gets invited until self-exclusion. To be excluded don’t interact, I will not mention you in the next post. Rejoin with a comment on any post/thread topic/dBuzz. The maximum allowed number of beneficiaries on Peakd and Hive.Blog is only 8, so I will be using Ecency instead because it allows more people to be added if necessary. For the start, I will try not to shred the percentage too low because it doesn’t serve much use and fixed giveaway items are more valuable at this point anyways.
Invites will share post author’s rewards and one portion will be liquified with reward app and used to buy tokens for future giveaways.  All participants will receive upvotes, giveaway items, and Ecency points.
I will do my best to avoid rewarding spam, or muted, blocked, or blacklisted users.

Invites/ beneficiaries for today are: @emaxisonline - pasta with cheese thread, always worthy of a mention @sammyhive - multiple comments, thank you for all the insights @hiveborgminer - multiple comments ( thanks for the Wine!) @anomadsoul - on Nobody Inn thread, thanks for the heads up

The reward for each ( delivered before this post publish time): upvotes, 20 Ecency points, 30 DEC and 20% of this post. That is $0.06 fixed + whatever 20% this post makes.

Today’s topics will be more normal than what we had yesterday and I will try to adjust it to the general interests so that everyone can comment on whatever you like.


I like this topic a lot. And I like to cook. We don’t have leftovers.

I was born intolerant to lectin and it wreaked havoc to my health until we finally recently found out what was wrong. I never even heard about it. My daughter has the same plus other difficulties probably also caused with it, and my husband partially opted for our diet ( he eats bread), because it works better for him. We are on that diet for almost 2 years, and health has never been better. The first couple of months my cooking was awful, and because of the change, I was sick for 3 months. Next 6 months everything hurt until body rebuilt itself back on. Human species don’t have enzymes to manage lectin at all, so it causes metabolic issues to everyone to a different degree. Usually when we get old. If you wonder why there are so many allergies and intolerances in modern times, that’s because we cultivate advanced plant food that has more of it. Lectin content is in many plants, in many forms, and in the majority can be destroyed by cooking and pickling. So, it is not a big deal. But, sadly the type that is resistant to the treatments is in the grains ( all of them) and soy. So, because of that, I use alternatives. For example, instead of the normal wheat or corn, I use millet and sorghum mixed with psyllium. Instead of wheat pasta, I use chickpea pasta ( I hate it, my kid loves it). Chickpeas and beans have lectin, but when cooked enough, it is gone. When I prepare beans just for the case, and it is better that way for digestion, I use huge white beans, leave them overnight to soak in salt water, and remove peels the next day before cooking. It is the whole ordeal but it is worth it.

Some alternative website

I will take a recommendation and revive my accounts on other websites, and repost some of my edited content there.These other website offer monetizations of some sort, but they don’t include ReadCash or Publish0x, reasons why I explained in previous post.

Websites and social media which I will use in combination, are: Medium and LinkedIn, KoFi and Mastodon, Buymeacoffe and MemoCash, Blogstack and Iris on Nostr, PostNews and Polywork, Substack with Notes, and Minds. So, it is seven combinations, will see which one works the best for feedback and monetization.

A word about monetization, besides Medium, others are on tips. Neither is stake-based. I will report on the results at the end of the week.

Earnings plummeting? Well, yes, but not only for me

I said in one of my previous posts that last few weeks my earnings plummeted on a nosedive, but I am not the only one. I looked around and found out that other users have a similar drop. So, maybe it is just the way it is.

Other types of writing for better income?

Fiction? I mean if I am going to be rewarded once in a month with a measly 1HBD ( author), what’s the point in spending hours upon hours on creative writing? That form of writing uses far more time than this. Then I will be better off creating ebooks and selling them online.

May has none of my posts with earnings above 1HBD. I was rewarded in April with 1.5HBD for Web3 adoption post by hkcuration and taskmaster4450le. I was rewarded in March for Splinterlands preview tool and Splinterlands activity flipcards with 3.5 HBD by cervantes. I have created it on Pranz and I have to update that because images urls are now different. February has no posts above 1HBD in author rewards. I was rewarded in January for fiction with 1.3 HBD by Curie and rocky1. Before that I was rewarded by Liketu with 1.1HBD on a photo post in OCTOBER.

The only user who consistently supports me is Zuerich, which gives me a stable 0.1-0.15HBD per article throughout the month, but that account never interacts with any of my posts. Neither does a majority of these groups which I mentioned. I get a comment from a robot. I don’t even know if they read any of it.

Most of the websites which I mentioned are new, so I will focus on growing my following and exploring the possibilities. If you need a link to any of them, screenshots of their dashboards or tabs, or you are there, let me know.

That’s all for today. Thanks for dropping in.


You have been invited here as you interacted with my Threads/Posts yesterday.

Rules for this giveaway are rather easy. Whoever comments on my posts, gets invited until self-exclusion. To be excluded don’t interact, I will not mention you in the next post. Rejoin with a comment on any post/thread topic/dBuzz. I am using Ecency because it allows more beneficiaries than others. One portion of reward will be liquified with reward app and used to buy tokens for future giveaways.  All participants will receive upvotes, giveaway items, and Ecency points. I will do my best to avoid rewarding spam, or muted, blocked, or blacklisted users.

Invites/ beneficiaries for today are:

@atma.love - commenting on food and alternative baking recommendations @emaxisonline - recipe and Alive Tribe recommendation @wrestlingdesires - ideas on Discord rain rooms @cocaaladioxine - insight @philnews.xyz - interesting travel content @peniel2010 - Threads

The reward for each ( delivered before this post publish time): upvotes, 20 Ecency points, 30 DEC, and 14% of this post. That is $0.06 fixed + whatever 14% this post makes.

Today’s topics:

  1. Splinterlands - tools and apps
  2. Unfollow, mute, block…
  3. Sugar or artificial sweeteners

🔶 Splinterlands - tools and apps

Some time ago I created a flipcard learning tool and preview tool for Splinterlands cards ( fire, water for now).

I am interested what kind of a simple tool would you like to see created. Either for Splinterlands, or for something on Hive.

Preview Fire: Splinterlands - Fire Element Monsters Lvl.1 - preview (pranz.eu)

Preview Water: Splinterlands - Fire Element Monsters Lvl.1 - preview (pranz.eu)

Preview Abilities - Flipcards: Flipcards - preview (pranz.eu)

🔶 Unfollowed, mute, blocked …

On topic, when you block/ unfollow somebody - you didn’t hit them with a truck. They didn’t sustain lethal injuries, their rep is fine and their wallet didn’t lose any coins. You follow blogs for a reason only important to you and you are subscribed to content because you see it as a part of your interest. Some people, for some reason, go after you with drama and act like they are entitled to your support.

Acting a blob of sadness who can be inflicted by an unspecified amount of emotional damage with a one-syllable word is signaling to everyone that their narcissistic supply can be depleted by a Muppet show level of balcony humor. All in the hope somebody will develop an attachment.

Most of us are attachment-free and some even developed a professional level of separation from irrelevancy.

Majority of these accounts I block come from Spaminator monthly spam list, or they are plain and simple the idiots.

To my knowledge, Hivewatcher doesn’t publish de-spam list.

🔶 Sugar or artificial sweeteners?

Yesterday I mentioned that I avoid buying any trash in a bag. I also avoid buying sodas. The ones in cans are especially sus. These products are filled with stuff I am intolerant to - grains, soy, nuts, chemicals, additives and artificial sweeteners.

My conclusion about sugar is just take the damn plain sugar or some natural sweetener like honey or whatever, and limit that at 25-30 grams per day.

It is a nuclear fuel, it burns too fast and gets converted to a blubber almost instantly if you do not spend it. Too much of it is not useful in a long run unless you urgently need a boost right now.

Why not sugar alternatives?

Sugar alternatives kill off the microbiome in your gut and add to liver toxicity.

Which ones? Most of them.

Now, nobody says you can’t drink this or that, just be aware of events taking place after. We can digest a lot of garbage, the problem is how much of it and how we treat the destruction.

Microbiome germs are in fact very gentle beings, they get killed by our own immune cells, viruses, stuff we eat, and medications. Probiotics are a good way to add to the population, and keep them alive with prebiotics ( insoluble fibers) because that’s food for them and avoid committing germicide with garbage sodas.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading.

Friday: It is not an “issue”, it is empathy

Invites/ beneficiaries for today are:

I will be doing just one topic per day, because it is easier on everyone.

Today’s topic:

Misinterpreting empathy and some other dark forces

I rather call this term empathy and not a term that is hyped nowadays and in my opinion very wrong. We are empathic spiritual beings living inside mentally advanced physical machines. Mostly the things that are called “issues” in “modern science” are in fact matters of empathy that have been addressed in various spiritual teachings since the dawn of time. You don’t have issues, you are having a philosophical, theoretical debate with yourself, and life provides methodology, practical application, and harsh, scrutinizing trials.

Empathy is commonly misinterpreted as compassion, but it is an emotional intelligence. Empathy means that we are able to analyze the mental constructs of others and exchange internal impressions. Without it we wouldn’t be able to know well with people or on the whole, have a cohesive society.

The other “issues” could be classified as equally correct. Being evil is not an illness. We should not soften the words and twist them around just to accommodate monsters and justify perversion. The real issues for individuals are severe conditions - either a human is born challenged or suffers neurological damage.

If we put it this way, it sounds so much easier to comprehend, correct?

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This is a collection of posts made for Giveaway on Hive. It includes reward posts for the whole week.

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