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Weekly earnings and activity

by aschatria Monday, May 22,2023 Comments


Earnings on Hive this week were lower than the previous.

Complete report on website, earning webpages, applications and mobile apps.


Earnings on Hive this week were lower than the previous. My question to anyone is, would you spend an entire day writing and commenting to earn this?

All people who supported me, thank you and you are welcome to participate in whatever I do, and all self-absorbed assholes, spammers, fraudulent motherfuckers, circlejerk scum, and whoever else I dislike for any reason - fuck off and stay there.

Good. Now moving on to a report.

Last week I created 10 posts, 7 daily posts which earned me $1.36, and three beneficiaries posts from Leofinance Threads which earned them $0.55. This week I also created 10 posts, but only 4 daily posts which earned me all together $0.7, and six other posts which rewards go to the various commentators from my Leo Threads which earned them all together $0.43, plus liquid $0.14 for the next week to buy some tokens or DEC. Leofinance made me $0.02 on all posts.

Last week I made 67 comments and made only $0.7 from them, with only 2 comments being rewarded above the dust threshold. This week I made 138 comments and made only $0.12, with only 4 comments rewarded.

Time spend on various frontends ( Leofinance, Peakd, Ecency, Hiveblocks, HiveBlog) - active use - last week 5H 14M, this week 13H 27M.

Active use means typing or any sort of movement. Browser extension counts only time while I am active in the tab on a website.

So, I spent 3x more time this week to earn double the less than the previous. That won’t go.

At this point, I have 350 Ecency points, which I can’t use because they keep on returning my boosts and promotion doesn’t do anything.

I included Ecency points in my giveaway posts where people need to comment to pick them up, and nobody participates. I gifted first today.

Last week I sent $0.306 into HBD savings and this week $0.4.

Last week I staked 2 and this one 3.3 LEO and yes that is an actual number of LEO tokens I received for all that stuff I did.

Interaction? Engagement? Yeah, sure.

So, all time spent writing and engaging earned me exactly $0.84.

Plan for the next week

Leofinance is canceled, I am not satisfied, it is not worth my time. Commenting on Threads is exhausting and comments are in the majority there is no genuine interaction as participants are mindlessly printing threads for Zealy rewards.
I am not getting either feedback or any sort of exposure. In fact, my exposure plummeted when I started using it more.

This week I am doing Splinterlands and Splintertalk, maybe some tokens, and rewards will be remaining Ecency points, DEC, and whatever is connected to Splinterlands.


This is a short weekly activity preview for medium.

Last week I spent 2H online on Medium and made 4 posts and 7 comments. I had 24 followers and only 1 subscriber. This week I spent 12 minutes on Medium, because my posts were scheduled. I made 7 posts and gain 15 views only. Only last post received 3 views, none of the other 6 received any views.

We now have 31 follower, which means I gain 7 new followers, and that is a big difference from the previous week. Pranz is still not eligible for the monetization and it will take some time until we reach sufficient number.

Plan for next week will include more activity and again 7 posts in total. Once per day is enough. I saw people posting more than that on various websites. I guess they have their own way.

We will continue creating as planned, but with more specific content included into a website and use more time for interactions.

Completed things

  • Graphics: Canva (28M) and some other tools - this is good enough to stay, so that will be used for cover images.
  • Utility: social media networks - Minds (mobile), Mastodon (mobile), Reddit (mobile) and Nostr (started)

I started using Nostr, and will see how it will go. So far I like it.

Things I didn’t complete

I didn’t complete many things because as always I spent my time on things that absolutely do nothing for me. I regret wasted time.

  • Ko-Fi, Buymeacoffee, Liberapay, Discord - I had in my plan to do this, but none of that was done, because I spent too much time on the stuff I just listed.
  • Platforms: Github (3M) and Quora (22M) - I didn’t have any time for this at all.
  • Consumer advocacy websites: ProductHunt, Scam Advisor, AlternativeTo and Trustpilot - none, still pending
  • Additional tasks: Polywork, Memocash, PostNews and Substack - pending

Time management and apps

In average I watch over 1H of the video content per day, of any kind, so this is nothing unusual. I have Moviebase installed on my phone and I check all the things I want to watch days or weeks ahead. So, video websites 11H26m.

I watched half of one movie and last episode of From. The rest are tutorials and documentaries.

These are the other website that I use through the week, but as an extension counts activity, whenever I open any website it adds up.

  • Google search and console - 1H41m - searching stuff old fashion way like it is 2010
  • OpenAI - 1H36m - no, I don’t use it the whole day, the thing is dumber than me, we have nothing profound to discuss, lol. I use it as a little bit better search engine.
  • Reddit - 1h28m - essentially going there to scream from my error account
  • Wondery - 59m - this is the new one, it is a podcast website, but they have mostly everything that Spotify has.
  • Live - 50m - I was checking to reinstall my old mail.
  • GSmarena - 46m - looking for phones this week
  • Twitter - 41m - spying on all of you and on mega-twat with my 10 year old burner account
  • Pranz - 31m - actually I should go there more frequent as this suppose to be our project website. I am behaving like Jack. Never present, always doing the other thing.
  • Cloudflare - 14m - host is doing just fine, no reason to waste time hanging there.
  • Lyrics - 13m - I am transferring my lyrics into Obsidian, I gave up on 5th poem, will require more energy

This is pretty much all the things I have been using during the last week.

I don’t measure my mobile use because a huge majority of a day I work on my laptop and in the late afternoon I watch either movie or YouTube with my folks on it while checking news, going through email accounts if I missed something or surfing on social apps.


I also like to test apps, so that takes a lot of storage.

I will need a new phone with bigger storage, but I will wait till the next season because currently the phones I am interested in have mixed opinions and also mixed features of which some I like and some I dislike. Maybe they come up with my perfect model.

Some time ago I was thinking to buy a new iPhone but at the present time that company is overturned by competitors and they have little offer besides high price for significantly less with market saturated by identical copies of their phones.

Games, apps and entertainment

I don’t usually play any video games, if I do then I play Splinterlands on a web browser.

On mobile I usually play games at 2AM and those are some puzzles like Connect’EM ( which I had to peel off the Aptoide, because Google Play Shop doesn’t like it anymore), Connection ( after I shared picture from it in my own inbox for myself, Twitter glitched and then just froze me, and that was first time, the second time I used Social dog to see my analytics and they permanently blocked me; neither apps are blocked by Twitter, so I believe they actually blocked me for reporting spam accounts) or Number match ( which doesn’t have a night mode and it is a heresy).

Yes, I know. So exciting. If the app doesn’t come in a shape of a problem, I don’t want to play it.

I don’t like all those normal games with twitchy graphics and ten gazzilion GB necessary storage and RAM strength of an Olympian god to just open it.

I like those that make grown up people cry and crash their phones against floor when they are proved to be idiots. If you know any game like that, let me know. Those are my favorites. I reach level million on those immediately.

I also do other boring things like reading news on Flipboard or Artifact, and once a month I check with my TikTok and Instagram. I like only repairs there so my feed is usually full of new bolts, adds for appliances, machines doing their stuff and extra boring things like how to make knots and twist wires.

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Earnings on Hive this week were lower than the previous.

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